Eggplant & Freekeh Salad

Earthy Freekeh with roasted eggplant, chickpeas and quick pickled red onion. Top off with a savoury middle eastern inspired dressing.

How to cook Freekeh

FREEKEH produced “farik” is an Ancient grain from the Middle East. Freekeh is high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein. Actually, it’s even higher in fiber and protein than brown rice and quinoa and let’s not forget it as a low glycemic index, plenty of resistant starch, low in gluten and has pre-probiotic properties. Now that a grain that need to be on your table.

Harissa Skillet Hash with Herb Chermoula

This is one of those dishes you always wish there was more of once you finished it. You know, when you’re so enjoying something, you’re savouring every bite, and in a foodies state of bliss, but you’re not paying attention to the amount of that delightful treat you have left…….then it happens.