Modern & Traditional Middle Eastern & Mediterranean cooking!

Trying to learn Middle Eastern food isn’t easy, trust me I know! Many Middle Eastern cookbooks and even Arab home cooks give vague directions that can leave you feeling confused….Is this supposed to taste like this? Is it supposed to be this wet? You may also notice little to no introduction to the recipes, not enough photos or the recipes look too way complicated to make.

Does any of that sound familiar?

It did for me….That’s all the dilemmas’ I faced when learning to cook Arab food. I love the flavors and the overall presentation of the Arab way of eating. (Plus, I married an Arab man.) But I struggled with learning to prepare the food, how to serve it, and how to infuse it to fit in with North American taste and products.

So I’m on a mission to help you through the process of learning to prepare, serve and have fun with Arab food.

Everyone is going to find something delicious, on the table. I promise!